Adding new quiz question

Step 1: Click the Library tab.

1.1 Select the Quizzes button

Step 2: Click the Create new Quiz button.

2.1 Enter the Quiz title and click OK.

2.2 Select the New question button.

2.3 Select the question type from the menu: True or False, Multiple choice, Single choice or Fill in the blank, then click the Next button.

2.4 Enter the question text. Select a correct answer if  you chose True or False question, or set all possible answers (each on a seperate line)  if you chose Multiple or Single choice question. Click the Next button to continue.  


See the tutorial Creating the fill in the blank question type if you choose the Fill in the blank question type.

2.5 Set correct answer(s) and click Next

2.6 Set the number of points for the correct answer  (from 1 to 10) and click the Finish button.

2.7 The question is successfully added.  

Step 3: Select the Preview button to preview the question.

3.1 You can try solving the question in the preview window. Click the Finish button to confirm the selected answer.

3.2 Select the Close preview button to exit the question preview.

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