Add learning materials to the Group

Step 1: Select the Groups button.

Step 2: Select the Enter this group as administrator or teacher button.

Step 3: Select the Learning materials tab

Step 4: Select the Add content button.

4. 1 Add content created in Edynco (Learning map, Quiz, Recordings)

Select the desired content from the left menu (in this case the Learning map). The list of all created content will appear (in this case all created Learning maps). Choose content by selecting the Add button.

4.2 Add content from your computer (Video, Pdf, Images, Documents)

Select the desired content from the left menu (in this case pdf document). The list of all previously added documents (in this case pdf documents) will appear. If you have no existing documents in Edynco, you have to upload them from your computer. Select the Add new pdf button.

4.2.1 Select Choose files button. Select the desired files from your computer.

4.2.2 Click the Upload button.

4.2.3 Uploaded file will appear in the list. Click Add to add it to group learning materials.

5 The selected content is added to learning materials of the group. Click on the icon or the title to open it.

Tip: To move the selected content to the desired place on the group learning material list, click the Move up/Move down button as many times as needed.

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