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  1. Add existing student to the new Group

  2. Add inactive student back to the Group

  3. Add learning materials to the Group

  4. Add node to a Learning map

  5. Add students to the Group manually

  6. Adding a text component

  7. Adding media to the question

  8. Adding new quiz question

  9. Attaching content to a node

  10. Change learning steps sequence

  11. Changing order of node components

  12. Changing the slide order

  13. Check student’s activity in analytics

  14. Collaborative Learning map as an assignment

  15. Create a new Group

  16. Create new Learning map on the basis of existing Learning map (Copy Learning map)

  17. Creating the »Fill in the blank« question type

  18. Delete node

  19. Delete node component

  20. Discuss with students in the group forum

  21. Drawing on the slide

  22. Duplicating node

  23. Duplicating node component

  24. Edit Learning map´s background

  25. Edit node style (colour, border, opacity, size)

  26. Editing a Learning map (resizing, moving)

  27. Editing node text

  28. Embed Learning map to your blog

  29. Emphasize the slide content with the mouse cursor

  30. Export a Learning map to your LMS

  31. Export a Quiz to your LMS

  32. Export Recording to your LMS

  33. How to record a video?

  34. How to replace the slide in your recording with another slide?

  35. Import of PowerPoint presentation

  36. Insert Clip-art to the Learning map

  37. Invite students to the Group

  38. Invite your students to create their own Learning map for the assignment

  39. Invite your students to take a quiz for the assignment

  40. Post new message on the noticeboard

  41. Preview a Learning map

  42. Question preview

  43. Quiz solving options

  44. Recording and synchronizing audio narration with the slide content

  45. Review assignments sent by students

  46. Review Learning map´s analytics

  47. Send a message to the students

  48. Send link of the created Learning map to your student

  49. Send your students an open answer for the assignment

  50. Switching between normal and hand-drawn style

  51. Use an image as the basis of your Recording

  52. Using grid while editing

  53. Which font to use in the quiz?

  54. Zoom in the slide content

  55. Zoom in the slide content

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